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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 2, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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[bleep] jillian: the toys r us in england offering refund the family wants recall. the noises aren't supposed to sound like real words. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. ♪ >> president trump arriving back at the white house via marine one. >> economic protest in iran take a deadly turn. >> a leaked memo from inside iran appears to show panic at the highest level of the iranian government. >> president trump encouraged the iranian people. time for change. >> i think it shows us that contrary to what people have been saying about iran being a regime that is very unified. you actually have at least a large contingent that is not pleased with iran. >> congress getting set to tackle the wish list for 2018. >> first item on the white house agenda, a meeting with congressional leaders to avoid a government shut down. >> there will be a deal on damascus canchts when you address the daca issue, i have to address the broader issue of illegal immigratio
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immigration. >> becoming the first sanctuary state ♪ home of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ ♪ all right now steve: hey, it's all right. come on in. ainsley: it's going to be a great year. steve: it's a brand new one. ainsley: 2018. remember write checks you would have to remember to write 18. steve: what's a check. brian: i still write checks. that opening of that football game yesterday was as good as any super bowl at the rose bowl which was one of the semi-finals which was one of the most traumatic
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games in overtime oklahoma suffered the loss to georgia. that was patriotic opening. ainsley: now georgia and alabama play each other. steve: yeah. the way they flu the b 2 over. even though you can't see it on the radar you can see it in real life. it is so scary looking. brian: everybody stood and over 100,000 people showed up. ainsley: college football. i have been telling you got to do the college football thing. carolina won yes the gamecocks. we won. we came back. ryan brian oklahoma lost. steve: never mind. we're back to business and so is the president of the united states. president trump came back from mar-a-lago yesterday flew out of pbi at 4:00. now he is sitting down and has a bunch of stuff on things to do list. ainsley: what's behind him tax reform? what's ahead, the wall, daca, infrastructure, and government funding by january 19th. brian: daca can wait until march they want to put it in
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to the democrats right away. a major meeting this week of all the leadership. it's going to be tomorrow. it's going to be the white house. and, of course, even the republicans aren't necessarily on the same page about what they want to do next. if you talk to paul ryan. he is like let's do welfare and food stamp reform. you talk to mitch mcconnell he says sorry, i have 51-49 majority. that's not going to get done. i'm looking to do something bipartisan and maybe the first step is getting the spending bill done and then you weave in immigration reform. stop chain migration. get rid of the lottery. build up the border wall and get daca. will senator schumer go for that? steve: ultimately what's going to happen in washington is each side of is going to wind up with something. if the president is going to end up with immigration the democrats will end up with some sort of daca thing. when i say immigration, i mean the wall. that was clear by the president's tweet a couple days ago he wrote democrats have been told and fully understand there can be no
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daca without the desperately needed walling southern border and end to the horrible chain migration and immigration and et cetera. we must protect our country at all costs. two u.s. senators cornyn and grassley have suggested the secure act what that does is pairs daca extension with border security. brian: only thing i would like to add quick for those who think the democrats are going to run out the clock and wait for 2018 because they seem to have the political advantage. i cannot believe how much pressure they are getting on the left to come up with some type of daca reform. senator schumer had his office stormed into. remember nancy pelosi had her press conference interrupted. move is warning democrats you have got to get something done on this. so maybe the president does have a little bit more leveraging that he might appear. steve: absolutely. ainsley: we have kellyanne conway on to talk about that at 7:30. iran, if you have been watching protests, 40 different cities with protests. 13 people are dead at least. people are holding up signs
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that say death to the dictator. the leader lives like god while the people live like beggars. steve: indeed. these are the largest protests in iran since the year 2009. essentially what's going on is the young people, the moderates who have like president rouhani, they don't like him now because he is so in lock step with the ayatollah. ultimately he might be the president but the ayatollah gets to decide everything. the young people simply don't like his economic management. there is the university of maryland poll that came out not long ago based in iran and what it says is half of the country's young people say that they are headed in the wrong direction. and they want to do whatever they can at this point to try to force something new. does it mean get rid of president rouhani. they kind of like him. ultimately they would like to get rid of the ayatollah. brian: they are chanting death to the supreme leader. my title here. ainsley: you are the only one who thinks that.
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[buzzer] brian: a shame. should be more momentum behind that. i was fascinated by leaked memo that catherine herridge got yesterday from internal communications among the leadership in iran which by the way their g.d.p. is growing at 7%. people feel none of it because a billion dollars goes to syria's line of credit. more to hezbollah and more to hamas. official lear supported the -- quoted this on the iran onprotest. the united states officially supported the people on the street. they all unite you had in support of the hypocrites, meaning mek, that's the group that wants to overthrow the iranian regime. they are all iranians, mek. infidels and mek are united for the first time. ainsley: infidels meaning us. brian: right. ainsley: catherine herridge report was the meeting, who was in that meeting? ayatollah, political leaders, heads of the country security forces. they were talking about how we are going to end these protests. we have to tamp down on protests a it's putting our
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security atistic risk. also we need to look like we are unified clearly we are not, to the rest of the world. steve: you know who is union fight the president and his cabinet. they think protests are good thing could force a change in iran. vice president tweeted out as long as real donald trump is potus and i am vice president of the united states of america, we'll not repeat the shameful mistake of our past when others stood by and ignored the heroic resistance of the iranian people, kind of a shot at president obama. aas they fought against their brutal regime. the bold and growing resistance of the iranian people today gives hope and faith to all who struggle for freedom and against tyranny. we will not and we will not let them down. #iran protest. what's happening right now is the trump administration is suggesting new sanctions against iran if they clamp down on the protest. brian: right. one thing is for sure. there is a risk as has been brought up by ambassador bolton over the weekend. if you say iranians rise up and we don't come to their
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aid we look like the bad guys and that's exactly what happened after the she a rose up after the first persian gulf war. and bush 1 didn't come to their aid they were forever bitter toward us. show support. they chantinged in 2009 where are you, obama? because president obama decided to sit it out and said almost nothing. meanwhile his staff, his former staffs are speaking out now. now normally the action when it comes to susan rice is see what she says and do the opposite. i think that applies again. she tweeted this out chow trump help iran's protesters? be quiet? really. samantha power said we stand with the iranian people so much we won't let them come here. steve: keep in mind some on the political right say given what's going on in iran right now, it looks as if president obama wanted that iranian deal so badly he forgot about the people. those are the people on the street. here is mollie hemingway.
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you know her. she is a fox news contributor. here is her observation about what's going on over there. >> it's just been quite dramatic to follow this news over the last couple of days. i think it shows us that contrary to what people have been saying about iran being a regime. >> everybody is emboldened by their shared hatred of donald trump that you actually have at least a large contingent that is not please with iran. they are not pleased with foreign intervention. very upset with the corruption of the regime and the bad economic effects of that and so whether regime change is likely is a huge question. i don't think it's likely a turn of events. brian: it's europe. have this iranian deal. give all cash and release sanctions. people don't benefit at all. the american president of the united states who they like to say is unqualified or not ready for prime time however they want to do it in their native language. they should be standing up saying the iranian people, the iranian regime allow the people to stand up and for
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the humanitarian angle of it. but they don't say a word. steve: iran is their gas station. brian: they don't need iran's gas. they were able to sign onto the sanctions and they were not even taking iran's exports. steve: they just have handled iran with kid gloves over the years. now they have got a chance to do something. ainsley: it's interesting to see how other countries. first we saw it with brexit and then we saw it with president trump. now we see it people are standing up. they have had enough of the old leadership and they want change. our own president said it's time for change. he said the iranian people have been repressed for many years. they are hungry for food and freedom. steve: right. you no he what is rallying the people over there? their smart phone they have an app. called telegram. they have been trying to shut it down. it's on. it's off. nonetheless it, goes to show you the power to the people in their hand. and that's why they showed up despite the fact that the government said you can protest but don't break anything. they broke stuff and now a lot of people are in
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trouble. brian: wouldn't it be great if we used our technology to help the people communicate. so to undo some of the shut down that they're putting forward. steve: well, we are using this technology to show you the news. and that's why jillian joins us. ainsley: happy new year. jillian: happy new year. welcome back. i feel like i haven't seen you in forever. steve: it's been a while. jillian: begin with a bit of a tough story. emotional candlelight vigilover night to honor a fallen sheriff's deposit any colorado. hundreds gathering to remember 29-year-old zachery parish killed in ambush attack on new year's eve. he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. his 4-year-old trying to comfort her mom at the vigil. take a listen. >> when i hear about him and i want to soak it in. >> it's okay. >> the gunman, matthew reel was iraq war veteran and lawyer who ranted against cops online. he fired more than 100 rounds on parish and other
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deputies before being killed by a swat team. we're learning more about the victims of the deadly new year's eve plane crash in costa rica. 10 americans killed when a charter plane plunged into the woods and burst into flames. among the dead amanda of wisconsin the 33-year-old was a tour guide and former college basketball star. two doctors from florida also killed along with their teenage children. and the entire steinberg family from new york pronounced dead. the ntsb is investigating. thousands of passengers at airports nationwide stranded for hours after the u.s. immigrations passport system stopped working overnight. the customs and border patrol glitch forcing agents to process travelers through a solar back up system. the outage lasting nearly two hours but back to normal this morning. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you guys. ainsley: that's a nightmare for everyone. i'm sure they missed their connecting flight. steve: thanks, jillian. coming up on this tuesday, a fox news alert.
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anti-trump protest happening right now in the country of pakistan after our president slammed the country on twitter. so what happens next? a former member of trump's national security council transition team will weigh in. ainsley: it's not just hillary clinton being extremely careless with emails. bombshell new report about what huma abedin was up to. steve: enailed. ♪ now rumor has it ♪ she ain't got your love anymore ♪ rumor has it ♪ rumor has it ♪ rumor has it ♪
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♪ brian: fox news alert now. protests angry over president trump gathering in pakistan to speak about it. president trump tweeted this out the united states has given pakistan $343 billion over 15 years. they have given us nothing about lies and deceit. thinking of our leaders as fools. safe terrorists bin laden that's my ad-lib with little help no more. pakistan just the latest target tore president trump as tensions grow in iran and north korea. kim jong un warns he has a nuclear button on his desk which he doesn't but he is getting close. what does that say about the trump doctrine? here to weigh in is fox news policy strategist skinner. recalled in our ambassador to rebuke him after the president's tweet. where are we going here
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qur'an? >> i think we are actually facing time of reckoning are pakistan. for decades we played footy as we attempted to combat global terror. now it's a period in which we have realized we have to take very firm action with islamabad or nothing will happen. and so, that's where we are, and trump is beginning, president trump is trying to start the year with a very firm message to the pakistani government. that it's continual support for the aquany network in afghanistan and harboring the afghan taliban will make it impossible to have an effective counter terrorism strategy. the goal here is to try to find a way for the pakistani government, especially its intelligence service and its foreign ministry, to
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understanding that it has to join firmly with the u.s. on counter terrorism or really there is no relationship. brian: it's true -- >> -- you have to align our interest. brian: sorry, kiron, we don't have that much time. policy analysts looking at this from 3,000 feet they do have a little bit of leverage on us. if we want to supply our troops through land, they have the border crossing. and they already did this once about six years ago. they shut it down. backed us up, cost us a lot of money to use our aircraft carriers to resupply our troops that could come down as early as today because we have decided not to spend 250 -- give them 255-million-dollar check at this time which we had coming their direction. and they are contemplating what to do next. >> i don't actually think they have much leverage on us because we also have a growing relationship with india. and they are really worried about india increasing role in afghanistan. it's building roads and it's
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doing infrastructure projects very high profile way. and so i think the kind of chess board that we're playing on the global chess board is of concern to them. india is, you know, has regional ambitions as an asian power. the pakistanis can lean toward the chinese. our relationship with india and our commitment in afghanistan and to fighting the global war on terror for the first time. brian: gotcha. >> 21st century calling it what it is i think is a concern. brian: real quick on iran and what we are seeing now, what's the right tight rope we should be walking or should would he be in there saying flat out rise up iranian people and take your government over? >> i suggest being very careful and responsible. if you listen to the protesters, this is an evolving critique of the regime. it started in terms of discussion on the economic crisis. it's evolved to a discussion of women's rights. i think we should listen and
3:20 am
learn. and, you know, help in the ways that we can by providing moral support. what else we did do right now i'm not quite sure but do know the iranian regime based on what's happened in the last six days has underbelly of resentment because it's moments crises around the world. it has regional ambitions but it's not taking care of its own people. brian: it would be great to unify own allies to put pressure on them crack down like they killed 21 part-time already. if they continue this crack down maybe the sanctions come back. kiron skinner, that's all the time we have. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. brian: first safe spaces and empathy tent. now power nap going on. dr. nicole saphier. bold prediction next. ♪ ♪
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you wwifiso if you can't live without it...t it. why aren't you using this guy? it makes your wifi awesomely fast. no... still nope. now we're talking! it gets you wifi here, here, and here. it even lets you take a time out. no! no! yes! yes, indeed. amazing speed, coverage and control. all with an xfi gateway. find your awesome, and change the way you wifi. steve: it is 6:248 we have headlines. hillary clinton's top aide
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failed to ahe obey basic security calls. huma abedin put classified state department passwords in the hands of apparently foreign agents according to the daily caller. abedin forwarded emails to her personal yahoo account just before it was hacked. great. democrat doug jones will officially be sworn in to the u.s. senate tomorrow as roy moore still refuses to give up on the special election down in alabama. we're now learning as well that moore's hopes were dashed by 23,000 write know votes for the likes of bugs bunny, mickey moose, somebody wrote in the name of jesus. that's some of the news. ainsley, the doctor is in. ainsley: thank you so much, steve. president trump ended 2017 by declaring obamacare essentially over. >> now we are overturning the individual mandates. most unpopular thing in obamacare. essentially i think it ultimately leads to the end
3:25 am
of obamacare essentially i think obamacare is over because of that. we're going to come up with something that's really going to be very good. ainsley: what does that mean for healthcare in the year ahead? here so discuss is radz dr. nicole saphier. great to have you here. >> good morning. happy new year. ainsley: to you too and your cute family, those boys. choice great for the individual. you don't have to buy into obamacare if you don't want it and can't afford it. s. that good for obamacare? >> president trump and his cabinet are absolutely using tactics to reform the health insurance market and what they were able to slide through at the end of 2017 getting rid of the individual mandate. this does give people choice. you as an individual you have a choice. you will not be taxed or fined by the government if you decide not to have health insurance. is that necessarily the most responsible thing? i'm not sure about that. however i know a lot of people don't need these large robust plans. the vivid mandate going
3:26 am
away. that's a great start. where are we going from here? because what we will see not in 2018 we will see more insurance companies pulling away from the market place and you are going to start seeing more of collapse. what are we going to do to stabilize it? and there is a lot that they can do. president trump is already starting on it. he is starting talking about the association health plans. and with that is essentially small businesses can band together and negotiate insurance prices with that their options are they don't have to have these big large essential benefits that's under the affordable care act. people that don't need large plans can actually have a more slim version of it again, more choice. saints. ainsley: that sounds great. do you think that can actually happy. the president has ideas. he tells congress. congress doesn't seem to be able to get any of it accomplished. it takes forever. they can't agree on anything. do you think they will fix the problems with obamacare? >> republicans aren't unified at all when it comes to obamacare. that's the number one things
3:27 am
they need to decide what is their goal. just going on a rhetoric of a repeal and replace is not going to get it done. they need to come to the table. they need a bullet list. i love checklists. what are top three priorities get rid of individual mandate. how about reforming medicaid. change the way medicaid is dispersed meaning small premiums, work requirements. what are we doing with medicaid? offer catastrophic plans? are we going to allow people to have more tailored healthcare plans? i think that's what the american people wants. that's what these people have been elected on. ainsley: yeah. the director of legislative affairs mark short says this is what he says will happen in the coming year. >> looking to sure up the markets draivelg actions we can take such as you saw president signed executive order allowing associated health plans more people can pool their resources together to lower premiums. you will see us take administrative action on obamacare. ainsley: lowering premiums would be great. >> exactly what he is
3:28 am
talking about. trying to privatize out market and create competition. trying to take control away from the government and saying band together, negotiate your healthcare options. negotiate your healthcare prices and that is really the economy we were founded on. ainsley: president saying this is the end of obamacare. getting rid of the individual mandate. do you agree with that? is that true? >> i think that's a little optimistic, maybe a little exaggerated. this is great first step it will absolutely cause a series of events. getting riltd of the individual mandate the infrastructure of the affordable care act is still there. ainsley: dr. saphier thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: california goes to pot and become sanctuary to illegals. will it become your home state as well. and your new year's wasn't as good as it was for these guys. they got to celebrate with the president. how they crashed the white house party. we're going to tell you one of them is going to join us live. first, happy birthday to actress kate boss worth, she
3:29 am
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see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts.
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♪ steve: those are the doocy kids. ainsley: was that a
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scavenger hunt. steve: no christmas caroling. everybody gets in the town square. ainsley: look at you. steve: i have a really strong flashlight. we were down in florida vacations. that's why we were dressed in t-shirts. that's brian to your earlier point. christmas eve doing wrapping right there. ainsley: did you learn your wrapping techniques from brian? brian: did you actually use the special forces flashlight. steve: actually it's the bellen howell. there is the doocy kids before they went back to work. peter wa mary was in washington and peter working on "fox & friends" over the holiday. ainsley: i watched them. they they did a great job. there my daughter helping with christmas cookies putting sprinkles on. we got everyone in the family those pajamas and had them monday gramed. brian: are they unitards.
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ainsley: they are the pants and the top. this is haley meeting santa this year. steve: was she afraid? ainsley: certain times she was and certain times not. this is haley on the floor opening giffords and edge joying what santa brought her. we had another set of matching pajamas that my aunt lynn got the kids. this is the best picture we could get. brian: little prison kids. ainsley: those are my brother's kids and then hayden eating her yogurt. brian: no parents this christmas. steve: look, there is -- brian: we had a series of events at my house u that's kirsten and caitlin. steve: what are you wearing? brian: i'm wearing that christmas thing. ainsley: kevin mccarthy suit. brian: there is more shots of my family. my family along with the
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santiagoners and one of kristin's friends kate and brian on the left still growing. those are the real stars of christmas. apollo and rocky hanging out. and by the way it's very tough to get a lot of momentum to walk them in this weather. and there they are. exhausted. they get worn-out after a few hours they just leave the room. too many people around and they collapse on each other. steve: they sat in the living room and watched football. brian: just faced away from the people. ainsley: i love the way you talk to. they first people get the dog and then the kids and dogs fall by the wayside. you the opposite. you love these dogs as much as your kids. brian: they play a major role. ainsley: watch how he lights up. steve: a these dogs cost more than the kids. brian: my kids have better knees. rockie had four knee surgeries but he is okay. and apollo ca can't hear but he is a genius.
3:35 am
he opens up doors with his mouth. steve: does he get a beer. >> that i don't want especiallily in the morning. steve: send us some of your pictures if you got good ones at brian: especially if your pa zam thats match. ainsley: yes so, fun. steve: dad in a leotard going viral this morning. january 1st, california became an official sanctuary state. not a sanctuary city. the entire state a sanctuary, which would bar any police in the state from asking people their immigration status or helping the feds when it comes typically congratulation issues. brian: this is incredible. the immigrants here among our population, you don't have to ophelia fear deportation. they are not immigrants. immigrants are allowed to be here. illegal immigrants aren't. they snuck in.
3:36 am
that's dissemination. if you are in a public school, public library, they are safe zones from donald trump. you against donald trump. ainsley: not only if you are illegal you are welcome in california. also if you want to get high you are welcome there, too. be illegal and wasted on marijuana and live in that state and be fine. brian: sixth state to legalize marijuana as of january 1st. by the way it's amazing how long the highs were. 50% longer than they anticipated. steve: first they had medical marijuana and now they have pot as long as it's small amount. steve: business was good the first day. people lining up to buy it. ainsley: under underneath the welcome to california sign. posted official sanctuary state. ms-13 welcome. democrats need the votes. brian: how amazing is that. ainsley: they put that underneath the sign. steve: i believe that was photo shopped. brian: sheriffs who have to go and rangle up and keeping
3:37 am
everybody safe. most of them are not happy about this sanctuary state the first one in the union. they are worried about the trend. steve: then you have the whole pot thing because, keep in mind, the federal government still classifies marijuana as controlled substance on par with heroin and stuff like that. so, have you got the state saying you can buy it and use it free. you have the federal government saying controlled substance. brian: are we going to address this? no politician wants to take it on because it seems to have popularity amongst the next generation of voters. ainsley: in that state definitely. brian: and colorado. steve: there are a lot of people who feel it should be legalized and that way they can start regulating it and taxing it so rather than underground economy, make money off of it. brian: they expect to make about a billion dollars. that's the other side of it. steve: tax money. busy day out in california. busy day as well in baltimore. jillian: that's right. good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. get you caught up on headlines of the day. baltimore set a new record
3:38 am
and it's not a good one. the city saw 343 murders in 2017 bringing the annual homicide rate to its highest ever. some play blaming a reduced police presence sings the death of freddie gray. comment of the city's mayor, former mayor like this one. >> made it very clear that i work with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech. we also gave those who wished to destroy to do that as well. murder race was declines before gray's death. >> "new york times" reports doctors at the roseberg oregon virginia i. v.a. were told to turn away patients with complicated case. reduce vets to reduce bad outcomes. boosted their ratings from a one to two star facility in
3:39 am
2016. the hospital's director also earned an $8,000 bonus. v.a. investigators are looking into the claims. well, apparently we have been napping all wrong. university of california davis is offering a free course on power napping. the public taxpayer funded school says trained instructors will teach students how not to fall asleep in class. the sessions can be taken up to 25 elections across campus. detailed on this nap map that you see despite being called a class, there is no final exam. now to steve's favorite story. put your hans up for this one. a dad performing epic dance moves single ladies complete with a black leotard and tights and it's taking over the internet. watch. [laughter] >> oh my gosh. the dad from michigan taking on the sassy dance routine after his two daughters asked him to join them for a family contest. why not then in the video has 16 million views online.
3:40 am
[laughter] what do you think? ainsley: i love him. i love that dad. we got to have him on. that is such a fun dad. he doesn't care what anyone thinks. jillian: if you have him on the show does he wear the leotard? ainsley: i hope. so he i bet is he getting so much flack at work. i bet he didn't know some people were going to see that. brian: how shocked is everyone here that he had one that fit him? ainsley: a little tight. because he keeps pulling it down. steve: god bless him. note to the bookers, let's see if we can get him. ainsley: we need the girls on, too. steve: meanwhile, you don't want to wear that outside it's extremely cold. bitter cold sweeping the nation and now responsible for at least five deaths as more freezing temperatures way below freezing. ainsley: i thought about that yesterday when i was turning on the heat i thought about people who don't have it. that is so sad.
3:41 am
five people have died due to the bone chilling temperatures. schools in a dozen states closed schools today. brian: janice dean said it was going to be 85 and sunny. janice: did i not. i don't know what forecast you are talking about maybe six months ago. let's take a look at it the cold is going to last not only this week but into the next couple of weeks. we seal a little bit of moderation. the problem is the moderation comes as a potential blockbuster storm could hit the east coast. look at january 6th. as we get into the latter part or middle part of january, still another artic outbreak. beautiful colors right, pink and purple but the pinks and purple means it's freezing cold. we are talking about cold as far as south as florida. as far south as the gulf coast. wind chill alert for much of the country for at least half of the country. wind chill advisories where it feels like minus 23 in chicago. minus 7 in cleveland. feels like 4 in d.c. wind chill advisories. look at how many cities.
3:42 am
200 million people under wind chill fort myers under wind chill advisories. that hasn't happened in several years. also, pointing out, thursday, coming very close to the coast. this could be a monster snow storm. this one -- this model actually has it mostly offshore. we still could see a line of several inches of snow and ice across florida and the southeast. so watching this very carefully. this could mean the difference between a couple inches of snow and feet of snow. so, watching it very closely. this is what happened thursday. if this comes a little bit, say 100 and 200 miles close tort shoreline, definitely feet of snow for all of the big cities. ainsley: i love that. janice: you love it? ainsley: you get those good snow boots. steve: you don't have a car you have to scoop out. janice: how about this, ainsley, if this happens i take your place on the curvey couch and did you go outside. en. ainsley: no. this is why i didn't going a meteorologist i like to look at it.
3:43 am
brian: stop wind burn does vaseline still work? steve: let's try it. janice: the question of 2018. brian: i'm worried if you have to go outside. steve: they may have some newer. ainsley: aquifer is the newest va vaseline. my fingers crack. it hurts so badly. that's why i carry the aquifer. brian: new bombshell in the investigation hillary clinton's email. matt gaetz didn't take any time off o'er the break. he said the real collusion was on the clinton side he will explain. ainsley: unlike you, brian, he was working. brian: excuse me. i worked friday. ainsley: next guest a professor he has three ways to make it happen in 2018.
3:44 am
well, it's earnings season once again. >>yeah. lot of tech companies are reporting today. and, how's it looking? >>i don't know. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. thousands of opinions. one estimate. the earnings tool from td ameritrade. ♪ (woman) and my brother ray and i started startsearching for answers.ords. (vo) when it's time to navigate in-home care, follow that bright star. because brightstar care earns the same accreditation as the best hospitals. and brightstar care means an rn will customize a plan that evolves with mom's changing needs. (woman) because dad made us promise we'd keep mom at home. (vo) call 844-4-brightstar
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3:47 am
and germany. ainsley: in a brand new fox news op-ed our next guest lays out major challenges we are facing here in america as far as our schools and students are concerned and how we can improve. joining us now to discuss education in 2018 and the three major changes facing america's schools and students the author of the new book the republic of virtue professor f.h. buckley. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. we read your op-ed and wanted to have you on. talk about the three major ways we can improve education. >> really big one is school choice. president trump called it the civil rights issue of our time. it's exactly that people say they like choice. but they don't want choice for parents with respect to their kids, but, the very rich amongst us, they have that kind of choice. they can send their kids to private schools and great private schools and that's fine. but, one of the issues in the last campaign was we have become a class society. there so no better way of
3:48 am
breaking the bounds of class than having a good education system which we don't have. brian: you said and talked about politicizing universities. what do you mean by that? >> well, there are too many universities where it's actually kind of dangerous to voice conservative opinions. i mean, there are a number of examples of that. and as well there is a group think at universities which is highly liberal. and dangerous to education. i mean, how do you get educated if everybody thinks the same way? ainsley: the third is the enormous student debt burden. how much what are we talking about as far as numbers are concerned? >> as far as numbers we are talking about $1.5 trillion. it's absolutely huge. here's the problem. the problem is we can't burn off student debt in bankruptcy. and we could up until the 1970s, and back then the thinking was okay, student debt is small. tuition is low. there are jobs waiting for people so we can get rid of
3:49 am
the discharge for student debt. but now tuition has gone through the roof, and we have made debt slaves out of many of our millennials if they become radicalized, biggs surprise, right? brian: they get frustrated. don't feel they are in the system. jobs don't pay enough feel disenchanted and want to blame people. that's not a good combination. deserve to discharge loans into bankruptcy. >> i would like to seat burden on that placed on universities that jacked up tuition. over other country did the same thing we did. they said we are going to subsidize educational loans. but then they told the universities, right, we are going to do it but you have to cap your tuition. we didn't do it. brian: unbelievable. >> the university just used as excuse to run up the tuition. brian: some are upwards of $70,000. 70,000. ainsley: can't afford it. i like what you said about choice. i was with someone over the holiday.
3:50 am
they said in their school district they do have the choice are we seeing that now trickling into more communities throughout the u.s.? i thought that was amazing. like you said, there are so many families that can't afford private schools. they get to choose what school they are going to send their kids to. >> yeah. a number of states are doing that very successfully. i would like to see much more of that. and i would like to see precisely what president trump said he wanted, which was you take your kids or your vouchers and you take them to private schools or religious schools or public schools. that way you get competition. competition works when you buy toothpaste. why not schools? brian: professor, these what you are about. find out more on 529 can you do it. ainsley: talk to your accountant this is the year for that new year, same resips tans for democrats vowing to turn up the heat for president trump leading the way. mr. bernie sanders. brian: yes. how is your new year's eve? not as good as this one.
3:51 am
bunch of trump supporters got to crash the south white house. ♪ doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. doctors and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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3:53 am
♪ steve: talk about being in the right place at the right
3:54 am
time. a group that gathered in palm beach, florida to welcome the president in mar-a-lago got the surprise of a lifetime saturday when the president invited him in for a visit. how did that all happen? joining us now is the person who got the unexpected private tour from the president he joins us now from palm beach. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you are out on southern boulevard. you are all holding up great big signs that are positive toward the president. he goes by. 20 minutes later a white van pulls up, says hop, in we will take you to mar-a-lago. what happened next? >> oe yes. it was a great day. next they brought us in. they brought us over to mar-a-lago and they let us over by the pool. once we got over by the pool. the president came out. he very graciously had us take some group shots during statues.
3:55 am
after that they did individual shots with all of us. steve: don, as i look at the pictures right here. for the most part it, doesn't look like anybody was dressed to be meeting the president of the united states. so, clearly a surprise. who are you folks that make up the trump squad? >> the trump squad we are a hybrid group of supporters that welcomes all people that support the president no matter what political affiliations and we do not believe in identity politics. steve: we're looking at some of the signs. somebody held up a sign that said my hero. when you had the opportunity to finally speak with the president fang face to face at mar-a-lago. what did you tell him? >> me personally i told him my story about nafta, about that when i used to work for motorola and nafta came in and we built a plant in mexico. and i was down there in mexico, living, working there to get this plant running. that while i was down there,
3:56 am
i lost my job in boynton beach. so for me that was a personal feeling i had about the whole affect of nafta. steve: donald trump is not your regular president. is he? >> no, he is not. he was so nice and so comfortable to talk to him. it really was like talking to an uncle you have known forever. steve: all right. in addition to actually meeting the president of the united states, i understand there were snacks. how exactly -- how good is the food at mar-a-lago? >> personally, most of us, i don't think, tried to much we are so excited 'meeting the president food was really the last thing on our mind. steve: all right. if the president were watching right now, what would you like to tell him? >> i would like to thank him. i would reali like to thank him. for me, the way i felt, for me, personally, i was honored that the president, the most powerful map in the world noticed us, and invited us back. it was mind-blowing.
3:57 am
it is a day that this deplorable will never forget that we, the people, do matter. steve: his name is donald tar caca jr. he part of the trump squad. holds up the sign as the president passes by. thank you. >> thank you very much. steve: straight ahead on this tuesday that feels like a monday. new bombshell into hillary clinton's email. was there occlusion on the clintons? there could be proof. kellyanne conway, steve scalise and newt gingrich. we have a very busy two hours that starts in about two minutes. ♪ life in the fast lane ♪
3:58 am
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4:00 am
accomplish my goals and my dreams. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. steve: we're back to business and so is the it the of the united states. >> protests in take a deadly turn. >> 13 people dead at least. steve: these are the largest protests in iran since 2009. >> a leaked memo inside iran appears to show panic at the highest levels of the iranian government. >> iranian regime, based on what's happened in the past six days, has a kind of underbelly of resentmentment but it's not taking care of its own people. >> congress gets set to tackle wish list for 2018. >> first item on the presidential agenda meeting with congressional leaders to avoid a government shut down. >> there will be a deal on daca. >> when you address the daca issue you have to address the broader issue of illegal immigration. >> california becoming the
4:01 am
first sanctuary stated. ♪ of the home of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ ♪ ♪ don't let me down ♪ don't let me down ♪ don't let me down ainsley: don't let me down 2018. let's make it a good one. brian: chain smokers. steve: i wonder if they will be a chain smoker this year. ainsley: if you are a chain smoker make that your resolution you have got to quit. steve: you are talking to the band? ainsley: you keep on. if you are a real chain smoker you have got to quit. brian: i have a good feeling about 2018. ainsley: do you? brian: january 1st the tumult is everywhere around
4:02 am
the world. steve: brian, great segue way. fox news alert to talk about what he is talking about. iranian government in panic mode as deadly protests apparently getting close to spiraling out of control. ♪ shouting] ainsley: at least 20 people are dead. violence now spreading across 40 different cities in iran with president trump voicing his support. brian: the commander-in-chief also taking aim at pakistan. griff jenkins is live in washington, d.c. we're starting off with fast and furious aren't we, griff? >> we are. happy new year. it is certainly busy. we are hearing for the first time this morning from the supreme leader ayatollah ha who 450 people arrested after six days of unrest. in the memo you mentioned showing panic at the highest levels iranian government.
4:03 am
it reads, quote: religious leaders in the leadership must come to the scene as soon as possible and appreciate the situation from deteriorating further. god help us. this is a very complex situation and is different from previous occasions. that a nod to the 2009 so-called green revolution where so-called demonstrators raised up. now declaring they will not tolerate these current protests. president trump is monitoring the situation closely. he is tweegd. iran is failing at every level, despite the terrible deal made with them by the obama administration. he is supporting the iranian people and he calls for time for a change. and guys, he is also tweeting on other matters including pakistan. putting them on notice, calling them a terrorist haven and cutting funding. he says the united states is foolishly given pakistan more than $33 billion over the last 15 years. says no more. national security council official tells fox news that
4:04 am
they, indeed, plan to withhold 255 million in funding as they review pakistan's level of cooperation you see protests recently there. state department says they are considering further sanctions against those responsible for cracking down on those protesters. so as you mentioned, brian, a busy, busy start to the new year. brian: it would be great if some of our allies backed the president on this and said you know what, european union in the european union might have the same standards we have in terms of killing protesters standing up for freedom. steve: thank you griff so much for that live report. the president made a good point if we are spending to the tune of $33 billion over the last 15 years. how much are they really helped us. remember we have rob o'neill the guy who killed usama bin laden on in the next hour. remember the night they went in to kill him, well, capture him if they could but that wasn't going to work out. they couldn't even tell the pakistan international guard that we were going to fly in
4:05 am
because they couldn't trust them. if we can't trust them why are we giving them all that. brian: they say rubber hit the road for this administration. president trump's administration. do you remember when those hostages were freed? one was an american but the dad or the husband was canadian? remember about two months ago they were freed and she was forced to wear a burqa on camera. when they went in there, they captured a member of the acowany network. so our will will officials said -- you know what the pakistanis said i don't think so. wilthey let him go. how could you let a member of the haqqani network pure mission is to kill americans. i think the president is fed up. ainsley: president tweeted about it he said the iranian people have been repressed for so many years they are hungry for food and freedom. it's time for a change. is he waking up from the white house.
4:06 am
he is back from mar-a-lago. tax reform behind him, ahead the wall, infrastructure and government has to be funded before january 19th. steve: the president of the united states did tweet this out. the democrats have been told and fully understand that there can be no daca without the desperately needed wall at the southern border and an end to the horrible chain migration and ridiculous lottery system of immigration, et cetera. we must protect our country at all costs. there are a number of democrats in leadership positions who have really been feeling the heat. because their constituency steamed that apparently they were not able to get a daca deal at the end of the year. some are saying with this budget thing coming up in mid january, that's the perfect time for maximum leverage. yet, the president has made it clear it's no emergency. have you got until march to figure out what to do about daca and immigration. brian: no reason to put it on the january 19th spending bill. senator schumer says it has got to be on there and no
4:07 am
strings attached. mark meadows says a different thing freedom caucus. my goal make individual tax rates permanent. that's interesting. the rates that bernie sanders came out and said well, they are temporary. now democrats are going to fight against making these tax decreases, you know, are they going to fight against making them permanent so everyone has a lot of agendas going. if there is a sense of cooperation. they will get it done. if democrats feel as though they can run out the clock for a year in order to get back the house and. ainsley: do you have confidence in that cooperation? brian: we haven't seen much of it. ainsley: no we haven't. brian bine why not try it for a change. steve: freedom caucus talking about voting no in the budget bill because too much spending in it they will need a bunch of democrats. ultimate live have to say okay, let's work together on this and deal with daca and the wall in total before the deadline in march. ainsley: meanwhile on sunday night, new year's eve night
4:08 am
bernie sanders has a new year's resolution that he tweets out. he says here's a new year's resolution i hope you will share with me in 2018 we will not only intensify the struggle against trumpism increase our efforts to spread the progressive vision in every corner of the land. brian: where they take 90% of your income and spread it all around. fantastic. ainsley: socialism. brian: main mentor of course mayor de blasio here who of course bernie sanders in his $1,000 jacket showed up at de blasio's inauguration, reinauguration where those two leftists want to get together and make america a socialist again. steve: what does that say to you if bernie sanders is helping him get sworn in for another term. brian: it means that he fully is running for president of the united states again. steve: bernie and de blasio. because de blasio keeps popping up in iowa. ainsley: do you think that would be their tickets? would l. they run as democrats or socialists.
4:09 am
steve: de blasio is technically a democrat. ainsley: bernie is too. brian: keep in mind he says, again, i'm an independent. imam not a democrat. if i'm a democrat i would say listen, you north going to use our apparatus to run for president of the united states while saying i'm an independent because fundamentally he did not have you would think a lot of the principles democrats run on. for example, moderate like governor hickenlooper in colorado couldn't be more different than bernie sanders who is going to be running. and the two leaders right now are considered to be joe biden who will be 78 if he wins election on inauguration day and bernie sanders who will be 79. steve: i think the rank and 2350eu8 democrats want new faces and we have a whole year before the elections come in november and they are off. it is 7:09 in new york city where it is 13 degrees. >> jillian joins us with headlines. jillian: it is cold out there. we are starting with breaking news right now. let's begin with a fox news alert and live look at massive fire consume ago four story building in new york city.
4:10 am
fdny reporting 412 injuries. look how serious they are. ground level of the billing is occupied by a furniture store there are apartments on the you were levels. >> firefighters battling the flames in just as steve mentioned 13-degree temperatures. this comes just days after 12 people were killed at another fire in the same part of new york city. an emotional candlelight vigil held overnight to honor a fallen sheriff's deputy in colorado. hundreds gathering to remember 29-year-old zachery parish killed in an ambush attack on new year's eve. he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. his 4-year-old trying to comfort her mom at the vigil. take a listen. >> when i hear about him and i want to soak it in. >> it's okay. be happy. okay? >> the gunman matthew reel was iraq war veteran. who ranted against cops online. he fired more than 100 rounds on parish and other
4:11 am
deputies before being killed by a swat team. vice president pence is going to israel as planned. his office confirming he will visit the holy land later this month after israel's foreign ministry claims it was no longer on his schedule. pence originally planned to visit last month but the trip was pushed back for the senate tax vote it also followed intense criticism over president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. meet the twins in california born in two different years. baby boy what you queen born on december 21st, 2017 at 11:58 p.m. younger twin sister arriving about 20 minutes later at 12:16 a.m. january 1st, 2018. it was a total surprise. they weren't due for another month. mom and babies are doing great. many congrats. ainsley: that is so fun. jillian: i know. brian: why don't all newborns have that same blanket like with the same colors. jillian: the one the hospital gives you.
4:12 am
ainsley: you know that. i did not know that until i had a baby and i remember looking at the baby picture and saying oh that's such a cute blanket. brian: every hospital. jillian: my mom is a nurse. steve: can you call her and just ask? what's the name of that company. brian: can you help us with that they are great looking blankets. jillian: they are. brian: how did every hospital get the same stripes. ainsley: whoever owns that company is making a mint. brian: thanks a lot, jillian. 12 minutes after the hour. bombshell email exposed to judicial watch. matt gaetz says real collusion on the clintons and prove aproof as the remalese released for all of us to read. ainsley: what's on the trump agenda for 2018 and how will he get the democrats on board? we will ask kellyanne. liberty mutual saved us
4:13 am
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almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. >>hey. oh, that's my robe. >>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance and still get great coverage for you and your family. call for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
4:15 am
new bombshell in the clinton email probe. congressional investigators reportedly finding irrefutable proof that fbi agents felt clinton had broken the law when sending classified information on
4:16 am
her personal server. so what happened in that's the question. republican lawmakers including our next guest are now more convince than ever that fbi leadership rigged the outcome to clear clinton. congressman matt gaetz is a member of the house judiciary committee. he joins us from a very, very chilly pensacola, florida today. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. steve: okay. so from what you have seen so far what's this irrefutable proof that the fbi knew that she had broken some laws and, yet, they didn't do anything? >> well, the very front line fbi investigators who are involved in evaluating the claims in the hillary clinton email scandal tended to believe that there was a violation of the law and we see that in the early drafts of jim comey's statement where the term grossly negligent was used. it was only after several drafts that was actually changed to extremely careless which would absolve hillary clinton of criminal culpability. the real question is who were the people at the department of justice or elsewhere that had control
4:17 am
over actual evidence that were helping hillary clinton? that's what we have got to find out. steve: and those early drafts exonerating her certainly were written even before they talked to her. even before they talked to the it guy. before they talked to everybody. it looked like to some republicans i know that the fbi was out to clear her. >> well, when you have an exoneration statement drafted before the very meat of the investigation is conducted, it certainly raises questions as to the integrity in that investigation. you have to wonder, if the fbi no longer trusted the department of justice as a consequence of the tarmac meeting, between loretta lynch and bill clinton why would the fbi allow the department of justice to then control access to people and access to evidence that they would need in this particular case and so there is a number of inconsistencies that i certainly saw from the testimony that andrew mccabe has given over time to the congress and i don't think
4:18 am
it's a coincidence that andrew mccabe announced his retirement from the fbi just days after providing sworn testimony to the judiciary committee. so in 2018, expect more depositions, more sworn testimony, and a real expectation from the congress that the department of justifiable and fbi will comply with the subpoenas that we have sent them. our patience is wearing thin. steve: i can understand that completely. to just review what you just said, andrew mccabe the number two guy at the fbi, you said there were inconsistencies in his testimony, so, in other words, his story is not the same as he has told before? >> well, andrew mccabe has given testimony on a variety of occasions. he has also written emails that designated the hillary clinton investigation as an h.q. special. meaning that a small group of people would make all the decisions rather than the normal process at the washington field office. so, yes, i believe there were circumstances in a variety of statements that andrew mccabe made both before congress and in his emails that were
4:19 am
inconsistent and that don't show a clear line of communication and a clear chain of authority in the hillary clinton email scandal. that's not the type of rule of law that we want to see in this country. we need to change our processes and procedures so there is more transparency and oversight so that no one ever gets away with something just because they are running for president of the united states. steve: congressman, earlier you had said essentially you were trying to figure out who at the fbi might have been doing these things. is andrew mccapable one of your -- the people you are most interested in getting more answers to because of the inconsistencies in his testimony? >> well, we'll have to conduct more interviews and get access to more documents. that's why tomorrow is such an important day. it is literally the deadline the chairman devon nunes has set for the production of documents and availability of witnesses so that we could determine whether or not it was people at the fbi or at the department of justice who were actually paving the way for hillary clinton exoneration even though that's not where the facts were leading.
4:20 am
steve: you know, ultimately, congressman, it comes down to, this noble at the fbi thought donald trump would ever win for the most part. and he did. and had she won, we wouldn't know about any of this stuff, would we? >> well, you are absolutely right. it actually begs the question: why were some of the very people involved in clearing hillary clinton then drafted on to the mueller probe to go and persecute the president? it seems very suspect that people who were already engaging in the nefarious activity to clear hillary clinton even though there was evidence of a crimenned end up being the very same people that bob mueller goes and cure united states to join his team. a lot of people ask this hurts the united states' efforts arnghtsd world whether that's with iran or north korea or vensz. we need to get this off the president's desk and have him focused on preserving the country. steve: maybe some answers in 2018. all right, congressman. thank you very much for the live report. >> thank you.
4:21 am
steve: meanwhile, coming up on this tuesday, marijuana sales on fire in california. is it going to pot good idea for america? our next guest is a former drug addict and has a warning everybody needs to hear. ♪ the day after chemo might mean a trip back to the doctor's office, just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. neulasta helps reduce infection risk by boosting your white blood cell count, which strengthens your immune system.
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in a key study, neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%, a 94% decrease. applied the day of chemo, neulasta onpro is designed to deliver neulasta the next day. neulasta is for certain cancer patients receiving strong chemotherapy. do not take neulasta if you're allergic to neulasta or neupogen (filgrastim). ruptured spleen, sometimes fatal as well as serious lung problems, allergic reactions, kidney injuries, and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro.
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4:24 am
brian: time now for news by the numbers starring me. 64 years that could be the entire reign of playboy magazine months after founder hugh hefner died the company considering ending print. focus on brand partnerships and licensing deal. no word if they will get back into the restaurant business. next, zero. that's how many people who died on commercial jet accidents in 2017. good job commercial jet pilots. according to new reports safest year for commercial flying ever. take that 2018. finally $783 million. that's the combined jackpots for this week's mega millions powerball lotteries. your odds in winning both one in 88 quadrillion. basically a lay yo up. ainsley: so you are saring there's a chance. brian: absolutely. ainsley: hundreds of people lining up marijuana dispensaries first day of legal recreational sales.
4:25 am
anyone over 21 can grow and use the drug. it could be a boon for the economy supporters say but is it worth it? here to weigh in is the head of the international faith based coalition and former drug addict himself bishop rod allen. thank you for being with us. >> good morning and happy new year. ainsley: happy new year to you, too. i have heard this from drug addicts say this is a gateway drug. this is how they got hooked. is this your story? >> that is my story. marijuana is still the number one gateway drug next to alcohol. and the state of california is in for a great downfall this is not the way to make money ains ages they are saying this is a way to regulate it, keep people say and make money because they will start taxing this drug. they said it's already in our state we might as well profit from it. you say that's a slippery slope. not a good thing. >> absolutely not.
4:26 am
the holy bible is still true. money is still the root to all evil. it's a sad day for the state of california. and it is a betrayal for our elected officials to put political gain and financial gain in front of the safety, public safety and safety of the citizens of the state of california united states. you got to be kidding me. crime is going to go up. drunk driving is going to go up. emergency room visits are going to go up. addictions are going to go up. dropouts are going to -- more dropouts are going to happen. i guarantee you that most underserved community. we are not doing good with tobacco and alcohol. what in the world makes our elected officials think we are going to do good with a schedule one elicit drug called marijuana. ainsley: what does it say about the control of our country and where we are
4:27 am
going? >> it tells us that we need to be praying. i hope i can say that please let me put on my bishop hat. ainsley: yes, can you say that. >> our elected officials have lost their minds. when they think that they can regulate control inillicit drug, a drug that is very highly addictive and you don't know the potency of it at all. people can killing people. it exacerbates mental health. they think they can regular glat it because they want money? come on now? how about the citizens in how about the future of this country? ainsley: if you had officials in front of you that have done the same thing, what would you say to them? tell us your story. >> i would say to them that i was on marijuana, i started with marijuana, and i know that people say well, everyone doesn't have an
4:28 am
addictive personality, i'm sorry, marijuana is so allusive. that's why they are messing with it. they think it's like tobacco or something. i'm not sure. and tobacco is very bad, but i started with marijuana, and you start with one joint. and did you go to two joints. and you go to five joints. and did you go to 10 joints because after a while, five joints won't get you high. and then 10 joints will not get you high, you start lacing it with crack cocaine or pcp and so this is what we're going to see in the state of california and across this nation. marijuana is absolutely the greatest crossover drug ever for any other drug to be added to it, especially alcohol. we are headed down a dark road and we need god to intervene for us or we need
4:29 am
the trump administration. >> gooto push back. >> i'm glad god changed your life. thank you for coming on and warning us about this drug and what it can mean for our country. god bless you. thank you, sir. >> great. thank you for having me. >> coming up. president trump just tripled down on his support for protesters in iran. his message far different than president obama. democrats have been screaming russia, russia, russia, since inauguration day. now hillary clinton's former campaign manager has seen the light. listen. >> i don't think the russia investigation is a winning message. i think democrats need to run on what everybody always needs to run on, which is what are you doing for the voters? >> kellyanne conway is going to react to that live next ♪ life song ♪ right song night
4:30 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: that game was fun to watch from the beginning to the end. brian: 101,000 people there. it's your shot of the morning. incredible scene at the rose bowl last night in that beautiful town of pasadena. ainsley: singing the star-spangled banner as you heard. steve: the bull dogs won 54 to 48 in double overtime. ainsley: double overtime. they will be playing alabama. brian: overcame 17 point deficit to win in the second overtime. none of those were deso siive touchdown but there were a lot of them. steve: 7:33 new york city. in ougoing to our nation's capital kellyanne conway. >> they put me here in your beautiful bureau. that's the capitol behind me, america. happy new year.
4:34 am
steve: that's right. some things have to get done in the capitol. in a couple weeks you have to figure out how to fund the government. democrats want some sort of a daca deal. would yo lay out in the next month what has to happen between president and congress? >> ambitious agenda of president trump that helps fuel his election over a year ago will continue. you saw how strong december was. i think in washington, the tradition is not work very hard in december. this president has reversed that. with the help of the congress, pass some very meaningful legislation late in the game. massive tax cuts for the middle class. repatriates that money. certainly opening up anwr for the first time in 40 years. it had been attempted in decades. now a reality. repealing the mandate. opioid crisis. isis is in retreat. the caliphate is destroyed. so much added to the security and prosperity of americans in 2017.
4:35 am
that will now drift into 2018. the specific agenda items and we certainly hope we will get democratic support on them. include the budget, getting some reasonable budget caps and maybe a budget deal for the next two years, certainly. it includes welfare reform. the dignity of work. this is a president that is vested in all types of careers and is trying to tell americans that we dignify every type of work. there is the apprenticeship and workforce development opportunities where there is skills in jobs training. not everybody is cut out for college and that's fine. we want folks to be able to graduate from high school, community college with a skill and get to work. brian: right. >> this president will continue to work on welfare reform. also infrastructure. we need to rebuild our nation's roads and bridges. and certainly our air traffic control system. brian: the key is going to be the order in which it is done. the house has an order and they say let's do welfare reform. let's do food stamp reform. senate says no we have barely a majority.
4:36 am
i'm not going to be able to get that done and president talks about infrastructure. do you know of any indications behind the scenes of democratic leadership and republican leadership and the president interacting before tomorrow's meeting that might give the american people some hope that there might be some cooperation and compromise? >> you know, this president is open to taking all those calls in those meetings. he is here working. he worked over of the break and he continues to meet with those leaders in both chambers and in both parties. i know the big four are set to meet this week with our omb director. steve: tomorrow. >> that's right. wednesday already. with our director of legislative affairs mark short. and the president this weekend will be hosting leader mcconnell and speaker ryan at camp david to continue that discussion about a robust agendas in 2018. i think america should look at this as a very positive development. we hope and let me make clear again on behalf of the president. we want democratic support for these measures.
4:37 am
we'll wanted it on middle class tax cuts. we wanted it to improve the access and availability and affordability of healthcare and. brian: now you need 60 votes to get that spending done by january 19th. and to get anything done. so now there -- it's just -- it's unmistakable has to be cooperation. >> and we certainly hope. so we know that many of those democrats who are up for re-election this year in states that president trump carried and five of them carried by significant double digits, we would think they willable able to look at their constituents and say when i had an opportunity to keep the government open, to have some reasonable budget caps and to make sure tit at the same time that we have our military defense needs spent for that we are accommodating those. that i see went ahead and did that i didn't allow petty partisan politics to get in the way because we saw that in 2017. i thought 2017 was a disappointment when it came to bipartisan action. a lot of bipartisan talk and a president who always had that olive branch extended
4:38 am
had them at the white house and had them on the phone went up to capitol hill and certainly listened to their concerns. he made very clear that there is no deal on daca unless the wall is built. unless there is funding for the wall. he has made this very clear. this president is so accessible and so transparent on these policy prescriptions. he tweets about them almost daily. if not daily including over the christmas break. steve: we will see. >> everybody knows where he stands on this. we hope they can come together for the good of the country. is he ready. ainsley: we watched as hillary clinton was on the campaign trail. we were covering that of course. you are in the white house because this president won because he understood the american people. hillary clinton wept out and there said i'm going to shut down these coal mines and that guy, the miner put that picture in front of her yeah this is the family you are going to fire. hillary clinton's campaign manager robby mook was on one of the networks this weekend and he is talking about how is he watching the trump campaign and saying all right. they got it they understood what the american people really wanted. and he is saying russia,
4:39 am
russia, russia threatening. that narrative is not going to work anymore going forward. listen to what he said and we will get your reaction. >> i don't think the russia investigation is a winning message. you know, voters are -- they watch. and they look to see what your priorities seem to be. this is actually why the republicans are looking to have a fight over immigration. they want to send a signal to voters that democrats are not focused on the voters. they are focused on immigration and that sort of thing. and obviously it's an important issue. but, the republicans see that as a helpful wedge for their base. so, i think democrats need to run on what everybody always needs to run on, which is what are you doing for the voters? what's in it for them? ainsley: kellyanne, did you fall out of your chair when you heard he said that? >> no, because robby mook is a very smart guy. people should have listened to him and others who were ringing the alarm bells saying let's make sure we are talking about the issues that connect with the
4:40 am
american people you are absolutely right that's how donald trump won the election. he had a more compelling persuasive overwhelmly optimistic and specific message. he put otherwise his list 260 or 21 supreme court justices i talked about how to create 25 million jobs over 10 years. how to responsibly develop our own energy. and we're doing that now. how to have meaningful, reasonable regulations, not ones that are bourbon some and recovery wrought. but robby mike is also telling the broader democratic party that i am telling them anyway that you wasted 2017 talking about russia, not america. steve: right. >> you basically have held up a stop sign of resistance. if anybody can tell me what the democratic party stands for i'm livabling. i used to you ask that about hillary. what exactly is her message? if your message is the opposition is terrible and we're not them. that's not a message. and you look at 2000 20, they are talking about all these hard left of center candidates coming to the fore. they are going to nominate
4:41 am
somebody so far out of the mainstream who voted against middle class tax cuts. not funding the military the way it needs to be. and looking the other way and iran and pakistan. steve: speak of iran, the "wall street journal," kellyanne, as we all know, there is a wave of protest throughout iran, the biggest since 2009. the president has been doing some tweeting. the "wall street journal" is now quoting the state department as saying that they will threaten the country with new sanctions unless they allow the protest to happen, right? >> that's right. and this president, again, very transparently through his tweets, he says he stands with the iranian people and he knows that they are looking for freedom. and they are against corruption. and, look, thank you for rolling that tape, i think america the world needs to see what's happening. steve: that's what freedom looks like right. >> there that's what freedom looks like. this president stands with the iranian people and he doesn't want to remain silent the way too many people were silent in 2009.
4:42 am
brian: kellyanne, here's the deal. we know the series of protests came up. the president did not waste any time in coming out and supporting the iranian people. as senator lindsey graham in backing up the president doing something that president obama didn't, and that is quickly support the protesters, said it's got to be more than a tweet. we understand there is one move that he just made by saying i'm calling for more sanctions on iran. but we really don't have much trade with them to begin with. what do you think the big policy will be? how close do you think major policy announcement with this and who do you think the president is going to get most of his advice from when he comes out with a reaction to these iranian protests? >> the president is in constant contact with his national security and state department teams. i mean, that's who he confers with. he will have his daily intelligence briefing today. this will be a major issue that he continues to discuss at the national security counsel and others. obviously the pentagon and his generals as he says. i'm not going to get ahead
4:43 am
of the president and what he does next with respect to iran. he has made clear beginning as a candidate how much he disagreed with the obama/clinton doctrine when it came to iran. brian: only have 30 seconds left but your response to susan rice telling the president to be quiet via tweet? >> terrible. i wish she had been quiet when she lied about what happened in benghazi and she gleemed blameblamed a tape. that would have been a good time to be quiet. you don't be quiet when people are losing their lives because they are standing up for basic essential needs and for freedom. and look, whether it's robby mook or others in the democratic party people are starting to realize if you are out of touch with americans primary concerns if you are not for the working people and freedom around the globe. look how much safer and prosperous we are as a nation just in this last year. the president stands with the iranian people in their quest to get basic freedom.
4:44 am
ainsley: all right. kellyanne conway, president obama told to the warmbier family be quiet and saw what happened to his son. thank you so much for being with us, kellyanne and have a good one. steve: happy new year. we willlp step aside. right balk inht two minutes. your hunger center... i'm so hungry. (avo) and your reward system... ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. one ingredient in contrave may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children, teens, and young adults in the first few months. serious side effects are mood changes like depression and mania, seizures, increased blood pressure or heart rate, liver damage, glaucoma, allergic reactions, and hypoglycemia. not for patients with uncontrolled blood pressure, seizure history, anorexia, bulimia, drug or alcohol withdrawal, on bupropion, opioids, maois, allergy to the ingredients, or pregnant. may cause nausea, constipation, headache, and vomiting.
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4:47 am
janice: come over here. what's your name and where are you from why are you here. >> nancy lawrence, arkansas. we are just visiting for the new year's. janice: thank you for coming. have you had a fun new year's so far. >> yeah. pretty darn cold. janice: that's my report pretty darn cold. back to you. no, just kidding. take a look at the map. see the video there it is cold. we have been dealing with record setting temperatures. the problem is we are not going to get out of deep freeze really until the fedex couple of weeks. we have a little bit of a moderation tomorrow and into thursday. the deep freeze is there. there are your current temperatures right there. 13 in morning. but it feels colder than that it feels oh around minus 27 in minneapolis. minus 18 in chicago. feels like zero here in the big apple. the frozen apple. and the wind chill, we have wind chill advisories for, i think, 200 million people all the way down to fort myers, florida. so there you go. even into arkansas, my friends. do you want to say hi to steve, ainsley and bribe? >> hey, how are you?
4:48 am
ainsley: hey. it's cold outside. steve: wear a hat, everybody. today is hat day. brian: nice hug. 13 minutes before the hour. thanks, janice. now hockey game. talk about what happens before a hockey game. every player stands. including the referee. even if you are not one of the starters, you stand during the national anthem. not in the stands at least over the weekend. ainsley: debra messing the celebrity from will and grace she was there at the game watching the rangers with her son and she posted a picture on instagram that says please stand for the star-spangled banner she says son, mom -- her son is saying this mom, i want to sit down and protest. can we do that? she says yes, honey. we can do that. whose crying? i'm not crying. black lives matter. steve: okay. she in the past has retweeted a link to democrat
4:49 am
congresswoman sheila jackson lee kneeling in solidarity with nfl players saying it made her teary. so this kind of reaction not surprising, perhaps. we asked you earlier on "fox & friends first" what you thought. and we got a whole lot of people who have some strong opinions. ainsley: susie says she insults the nation who gave her this chance and cries over a son whom she taught to be disrespectful? give me a break. brian: jack says she should probably stick to acting. that's how she chose to parent. she believes her son showing great courage taking a knee. i would say why are you taking a knee? why are you sitting down? ainsley: heard his mom talking about all of this and watching at home. brian: maybe or maybe learning it at school. looks left and right he wasn't seeing anybody sitting at the ranger game i'm sure. steve: sounds like the family in solidarity with the nfl anthem protest and so that was their way of protesting at madison square garden over the weekend. steve: what do you think?
4:50 am
email us at or tweet us. border arrests down as president trump continues push for big beautiful wall as he calls it. that's not all. coming ahead of the national border patrol counsel explains why we are winning at the border. ainsley: protesters are gone and six months later the dakota access pipeline is already paying off. the former president of shell oil explains next. they came out of nowhere, sir! how many of 'em? we don't know. dozens. all right! let's teach these freaks some manners! good luck out there, captain! thanks! but i don't need luck, i have skills... i don't have my keys. (on intercom) all hands. we are looking for the captain's keys again. they are on a silver carabiner. oh, this is bad. as long as people misplace their keys, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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[cheers] brian: protesters having moved on now but the dakota access pipeline is spurring economic growth. get, this a "wall street journal" op-ed writing this knot dakota's pipeline payoff six months later the dakota access pipeline proves its value. here to discuss is someone who predicted this former president of shell oil john hough meister. john, how do you gauge the success of a pipeline. >> did you go in with a good plan. this is a sound, safe, and environmentally secure approach to infrastructure. it was a good infrastructure plan when it was proposed. some protesters came in late in the game. frankly all the permits were granted by the time they came in. but they made a real
4:54 am
nuisance of themselves and they left behind an environmental disaster themselves because they had no sanitation and they had no other means of supporting themselves other than living off the land and they made a mess of it. brian: right. so, how do you judge the interact it's already made? if i look at the overall input or output of oil. they say october output more than 78,000 barrels a day. unemployment rate continues to go in that direction. under 3% in that state. state revenue rose $33.5 million for the first five months of the pipeline and see 100 million a year additional tax revenue for the pipeline. so you put that right back to the completion of this? >> we needed that infrastructure as an industry in order to get north dakota back up over a million barrels a day which they have done. they are 1.15 million barrels a day. that's fantastic. that's good jobs.
4:55 am
that's good for the american people have domestic product. it's all about economic security through energy security. brian: you know, a couple of things, people should know you are not making a choice about the environment. you could make an argument this is environmentally more sound to have a pipeline than it would be to be moving this through trucks or rail, right? >> all statistics point out the safety of pipelines, it's been that way for years. of course i need to maintain and properly design them in the first place. it's the right thing to do for the nation. we have hundreds of thousands of miles of pipeline. the fact that we are arguing over another few thousand was of line dakota xl. it's ludicrous. we are a country that depends daily on 20 million-barrels of oil. every day we have to move that oil from the well to the market.
4:56 am
dakota pipeline does that. brian: what does anwr do. >> long term play important to the alaskans but very important to the 48. it increases the reserve so we can continue to be self-reliant and not depend upon imports as heavily as we have in the past. brian: do we know exactly what's underneath the ground? >> we have to look at it again. it's been quite a while. we know there are billions of barrels. that's a good start. so how many billions we can determine that and how many billions of barrels are actually producible. only talking about a very small section of anwr and it's an area that should be able to be developed. it's on shore. still take time to develop it. brian: what do you think the price of oil is going in 2018? >> i think we will be in the 60s for most of this year and then it will start moving up higher, i think, as the long drought of
4:57 am
capital investment really effects global supply in the 19 -- 2019, 2020 period. brian: i just worry when oil goes up, costs us more but gives the russians more wind at their back because that's what their economy runs on. john hohmeister thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: president trump back in washington after the holiday came back yesterday afternoon from dreamers to infrastructure. we are live at the white house with the big agenda in 2018 and what's likely to get done. a big show still ahead. take a look at this roster congressman steve can a lease live. newt gingrich live, rob o'neill and marilou henner from taxi. that's me at the top. (chris) the very first time i met bruce i saw on his lapel he's got a purple heart.
4:58 am
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if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. steve: we're back to business and so is the president of the united states. >> economic protest if in iran take a deadly turn. ainsley: 13 people are dead at least. steve: these are the largest protests in iran since the year 2009. >> a leaked memo from inside iran appears to chopin i can at the highest levels felt iranian government. >> iranian regime based on what has happened in the past six days has a kind of underbelly of resentment, but it's not taking care of its own people. >> the administration's wish list for 2018. >> what's ahead? the wall, daca, infrastructure, and the government has to be funded before january 19th. >> the ambitious agenda of president trump that helped fueled his election over a year ago will continue. >> california officially becoming america's first
5:01 am
sanctuary state. ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave. ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: today is the day to take care of business, guys. new year's resolutions. got to eat healthy now. it all starts today. steve: the resolution from yesterday? ainsley: i know i'm trying. brian: you look great. ainsley: that was my resolution. my resolution was to show god faithfulness and to be like god and to be christ-like and sometimes i mess up. brian: right. i have not messed up. i have the same mantra. ainsley: what is yours? brian: same thing. exactly the same.
5:02 am
ainsley: you are pretty good. steve: well, thank you very much for joining us the first day of the new year. christmas and new year's holiday are over and it's back to business for president trump. the president woke up at the white house for the first time this year. ainsley: with tax reform behind him, the president is now focusing on the border wall and daca and nursing. brian: now, that's what the president wants to focus on. what about congress? peter ducey with more on the agenda. peter. >> and there is at least one republican lawmaker joining democratic leadership in their calls for a daca fix this month. it's senator lindsey graham who is saying he does not want to wait until the march deadline to figure out what should happen to people brought into the states illegally as kids. he wants to hash it out with democratic leaders in january. the president says he has one requirement for any daca deal. it is a fully-funded border wall. but the democrats have leverage because the gop may need some of their votes to pass the spending bill to avoid a government shut down
5:03 am
in 17 days. and they appear ready to hold out until they win concessions on a immigration package. another agenda item may be a little bit easier the way president trump sees it. that's infrastructure. he is predicting democratic support for a trillion dollars worth of repairs to bridges and roads and the so-called big four starts talking about that tomorrow. on the democratic side of the table, senate minority leader chuck schumer, house minority leader nancy pelosi. on the republican side, house speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, some administration officials will join in and infrastructure could end up being what president trump makes the hard sell for in his first state of the union address on the 30th. back to you. brian: all right. thanks, peter. you know, it's interesting because i do hear senate leaders have been meeting in a bipartisan way in about a month and senator jeff flake and susan collins if you outvote for tax reform, if you make immigration part of our
5:04 am
january agenda, lindsey graham have been heading up a bipartisan effort. will leadership pay attention to that effort? s&p. ainsley: well, closed-door meetings in december and they weren't able to come up with a negotiation. brian: they were negotiating. got tax reform done. they were going back and forth, making progress, and that's why they were supposed to hit the ground running in january. steve: and keep in mind had the president of the united states not said through his attorney general a couple of months ago, you know, we're not going to honor the obama era daca decision with the department of justice, et cetera, then the president would not have this bargaining chip. but because he did say. okay. it's up to congress, then suddenly it's there and a number of republicans who in a million years would never voted on a wall would have political leverage waive formal arraignment so this has portions of the wall, other parts use technology. we'll see what's going to happen. but i think the president knows i cannot punt on this
5:05 am
wall again. ainsley: right. he ran on that. people voted for him on that reason. kellyanne was on with us earlier and talking about how he was going to work with democrats. listen. >> the ambitious agenda of president trump that helped fuel his election over a year ago will continue. i think in washington the tradition is to not work very hard in august or december. this president has reverse that. let me make clear again on behalf of the president. we want democratic support for these measures. we wanted it on middle class tax cuts. we wanted to improve the access and affordability of health care. we hope they can come together for the good of the country. he's ready. brian: and also wants to get rid of chain migration and believe it or not, it does not seem to be much push back on the left on the lottery chain migration system, especially in light of the two terror attacks. steve: well, let's see. meanwhile, the president of the united states in the last ten minutes tweeted this out. crooked hillary clinton top aid has been accused of
5:06 am
disregarding basic security protocol. she put classified passwords into the hands of foreign agents. remember, sailors pictures on submarine, jail. deep state justice department must finally act. also on comey and others. what he's referring to is a story over at the daily caller that apparently put in all the passwords into a yahoo e-mail that was later apparently hacked by a number of bad actors of some sort and then everybody got hacked. ainsley: she would send all of this classified information into her personal e-mail because it was easier for her to print. and what the president is referring to is that kid who was taking pictures on the submarine classified information. he wasn't sending it to russia. just taking pictures for his phone and family and himself, and he gets jail time. those two ladies right there get off scot-free. brian: by the way, judicial watch finally got an okay. they said when those 2,800
5:07 am
e-mails turned up on anthony weiner's laptop and james comey had to open this investigation, in about five days said there was nothing there. there was at least four e-mails classified on it. and then as they were combing through it on friday, they found this other information that aberdeen was being very loose with these passwords. who knows what the other 1,000 e-mails are. bottom line is it's all hillary clinton's aid and hillary clinton's fault that even put comey in that spot to begin with. steve: but so many of the e-mail that judicial watch was able to get are completely redacted. so we have no idea what was happening back there. so nonetheless, you know, devon nunez, he's made it very clear tomorrow with the deadline for the department of justice and also the fbi to go ahead and produce some documents according to his subpoena. so we could wind up with more answers coming up by tomorrow. ainsley: another big story that we're following is what's happening in iran.
5:08 am
you're probably familiar with the protests. a lot of people have died. we were saying 13 at the beginning of the show and then increased back to 20. at least 20 people have died. these protests r happening at least 40 cities around the country of iran. some of the slogans that are being heard chain of command are death to the dictator. the leader lives like god while the people live like beggars and that sums up why they're protesting. they're tired of the dictatorship. brian: katherine reporting yesterday of a leaked memo that was internal iranian government memo that said this: fox was able to get. it said this: iran supreme leader met with political leaders and heads of the country securing security forces how to tamp down saying this. the united states officially supported the peep on the streets. they have all united in support of the hypocrites. the regime description for mek. that is the group that wants to overthrow the iranian government that are purely iranian.
5:09 am
the infidels, meaning west, and maine k are united for the first time. the leadership must come to the scene as soon as possible. this shows a degree of panic and surprise amongst the upper echelons of the iranian government. brian: and called in his senior leadership, and they had a meeting and apparently one of the quotes was god, help us. keep in mind the last time we saw anything like this out of the country of iran, president obama was president of the united states. and rather than side with the protesters, he for the most part kept quiet, and it looks like -- and there's an item that eli writes today in bloomberg that it looks as if he was quiet because he wanted his iranian deal. but you know who's siding with the people on the streets right now? our president of the united states. ainsley: vice president benjamin netanyahu, put out another tweet this morning saying the people of iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt iranian regime. all of the money that president obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism
5:10 am
and into their pockets. the people have little food, big inflation, and no human rights. the u.s. is watching. brian: guess who's upset? susan rice. she tweeted this out. anything you want to do foreign policy, look at what susan rice wants to do. usually do the opposite. here she says how can trump help iran's protesters? be quiet. samantha powers says we stand with the iranian people so much that we don't let them come here because they're on the terror watch list. i guess she's upset by that. steve: well, maybe susan rice is referring to the approach that her former boss had regard to that. also news was broken about a hour ago and the wall street journal has confirmed that the state department apparently the administration is planning more sanctions on the country of iran unless they allow the protest to continue. brian: we need to do the same thing. we don't have much trade with them. their economy is growing at 7%. their people have seen none of it. why? a billion-dollar line of credit for the syria rebels to prop up that regime.
5:11 am
they fully fund hezbollah and hamas. islamic jihad. this is where all their money is going. the question is until the security forces flip, these people are going to really sitting ducks for when the supreme leader says start shooting. they killed 80 last time. ainsley: our president said they're hungry for food and they're hungry for freedom. and this is what freedom looks like. when they have a problem with this dictatorship, they all revolt and rise up together. we saw that with brexit in a different way. we saw it in this country with president trump winning the election. people weren't expecting that. the people are speaking. brian: they shoot you dead, though. ainsley: that's right. steve: all right. be a continued crack down? stay tuned. in the meantime it's 8:11 here in new york city and you have a bulletin to start. >> that's right. good morning, guys, we're following breaking news out of new york city. fox news alert. early this morning a massive fire breaking out at a building in the bronx section of new york city. at least 12 people are hurt,
5:12 am
one seriously. the ground level of the building is occupied by a furniture store. there are apartments on the upper level. more than 200 firefighters are battling the flames in just 13 debris. comes just days after 12 people were killed at another fire in the same part of new york city. emotionally candle light vigil overnight to honor fallen sheriffs deputy in colorado. hundreds gathering to remember 29-year-old zachary killed in a ambush attack on new year's eve. he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. his 4-year-old trying to comfort her mom at the vigil. watch. >> when i hear about him, and i want to soak it in. . >> the gunman was an iraq war veteran and lawyer who ranted against cops online. he fires more than 100 rounds on parish and other deputies before being killed by a s.w.a.t. team. thousands of passengers at
5:13 am
airports nationwide stranded for hours after the u.s. immigration passport system stopped worked orient. customs and border patrol glitch forcing agents to process travelers through a slower back up system. the outage lasting nearly two hours but it is back to normal this morning. look at those lines. i mean, everyone's sat in line at a airport, and it's grueling. steve: everybody was trying to get home to be at work today and last night. >> sorry. ainsley: was that customs? it was passports. so everyone hates going through customs as it is. and to wait for hours. steve: thank you, jillian. ainsley: i'm sure they missed flights. not fun. i hope you got home safely. meanwhile, border arrests down as president trump continues his push for a big, beautiful wall as he says. and that's not all. next, ahead of the national border patrol council explains how we are winning at the border. brian: and new year, same resistants from democrats. new to turn up the heat,
5:14 am
president trump leading the way. my idol, bernie sanders. all right. bernie. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body. unblocking your system naturally. save up to $5 on miralax. see sunday's paper.
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5:17 am
brian: president trump ramping up border security in the new year by increasing border agents with the goal to hire thousands more. so what exactly does this mean for those agents on the ground and how did the number go below the threshold necessary? threats and one of them. brandon, president of the national border patrol council. i was asked to see that you're supposed to be at 21,000. you guys are just over 19,000 border agents. what's the problem? >> we are. and the problem is we have such a high attrition rate that we have a hard time keeping up with hiring. but the main reason that we have a hard time keeping up with hiring is we haven't done the hiring correctly. but that sounds negative. let me tell you. from a border security perspective, 2018 is shaping up to be a great year. and it's shaping up to be a great year simply because we had a businessman elected as president who came in and did something in one year that most people thought was going to take two to three years. so 2018 looks like it's going to be a good year. brian: one thing you have to do is do something the
5:18 am
president is really good at. you tell us that it takes nine months to hire a border patrol agent. i love background checks. but that's a little ridiculous. >> it is. and part of the problem is we have a polygraph system that hasn't been running correctly. if you look at a normal polygraph system with any law enforcement agency. local, state, you have about a 26, 27% failure rate in the border patrol, we're having up to a 67, 70% failure rate, which tells you we're just not administration the polygraph correctly, and that's one of the main problems that we're having. brian: so i had a chance to go to the border. the rio grande sector a couple of weeks ago. i think the spirits are high. they're really confident that kiersten nielson is going to have the same effect that general kelly has. and that's a lot of attention, a lot of support. however, you do need the rio grande section bolstered. you need some type of barrier
5:19 am
if president trump wants to know from you what he should go get in this negotiation by january 19th, what will you tell him? >> build the wall and hire more agents. brian: where? >> for that particular area. brian: where do you want the wall built? >> we want the wall built in many different locations. if you look right now, we have a sector in texas called big ben that there's no infrastructure whatever. so there's a lot of different places. rio grande valley is the focus area right now. but criminals take the path of least resistance. and when you beef up one area, and you leave another area open, you're susceptible to the crime going to that area. so we have to take a holistic approach to border security. but if you look at it, we're doing that, it's not just rio grande valley. we're doing it across the border. i personally worked in areas where we didn't have fences or anything like that. and when we built them, it dropped the number of
5:20 am
apprehensions crossing exponential. brian: i also know border crossings are down 24%. but they're waiting to see what congress does. if congress sends the message that the president wants, that will help you guys because word gets, they don't want to get caught, and they won't come. bottom line is it isn't mexicans coming. 70% are non-mexicans. >> well, we have them coming from all over the place. i personally arrested people from russia, poland, china. we arrested people from all over the world. and that's the message that's coming through now that they're coming through mexico but we're arresting them from everywhere. brian: well, that's why you supported the president and the president is keeping you in mind, especially this month. brandon, thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: straight ahead, tax reform. and the obamacare individual mandate. house majority steve scalise joins us live. that will be next. and put your hands up for this next story.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
brian: i'm on the stairs. don't come follow me. hillary clinton's top aid accused of disregarding basic security protocols. has a huge report out now showing aberdeen put classified state department passwords in the hands of foreign agents. on her own yahoo account. followed personal passwords to her yahoo account before it was hacked. and as roy moore still refuses to give up on the special election results in alabama. we're now learning that moore's hopes were dashed by 23,000 writein votes for the likes of bugs bunny, mickey mouse, and jesus. not in that order. ainsley: now run down those stairs, brian, and see what santa brought you. steve: there you go. meanwhile, lawmakers in congress getting back to business today launching into the new year on the heels of tax reform victory at the end of last year. so what's on tap for 2018? ainsley: let's ask gop louisiana congressman and house majority steve scalise. he joins us now. good morning to you. thank you so much for being with us, congressman.
5:25 am
>> good morning, ainsley, steve great to be with you and happy new year. ainsley: happy new year. what is on tap for 2018? >> well, there's a lot that we're going to be doing in 2018, and it starts where we left off. tackles reform is workingly well. we're seeing our economy take off. the next thing you're going to see is a need for workers. and i think the best thing we can do is go and reform those welfare programs that are trapping people in a failed welfare state. let's actually put some work requirements in place so that we can get people back to work, rebuild the middle class. then we're going to have to work on health care again. look, i'm for repealing and replacing obamacare. one of the best things we did was repeal the individual mandate because that really undoes a lot of the stools of obamacare. and then help jacking up costs. so let's get back to work on some of those things like what we passed in the house that we almost passed in the senate so that we can get our health care system working again, rebuild the private marketplace, and then let's work to get back to a balanced
5:26 am
federal budget. it's something we can absolutely do with the growth we're getting out of the tax cuts. steve: well, the budget isn't even close to being balanced right now. and, in fact, you have to figure a way to fund the government. highway far are the two sides apart? because i know there are members of the freedom caucus, they feel the republicans are going to be spending way too much money. >> well, you know, we're not that far apart if you look at the negotiations that had been going on before tax reform. the democrats just walked away from the table because they didn't want people to get more of their hard-earned money. you can go to my website and see a list of dozens and dozens of companies that are giving bonuses to workers. raising their pay of their workers. but the next thing we have to do is properly fund defense and whether you're in the freedom caucus or the tuesday group within our conference, i think we all acknowledge that
5:27 am
we've got to get back to properly funding our defense in a way that we can meet all of these growing threats working with president trump who has a great commander-in-chief as you talked about earlier supporting the unrest in iran, people who are moving against their government, the people moving to jerusalem. i think we have to continue to do what we can to give our men and women in uniform the support they need. ainsley: what about immigration? because the president has been saying that he tweeted at the end of the month in december about you give us the wall, we give you daca. what's the latest on that? and can there be a compromise? do you think that will happen? >> i think there is an agreement that can be reached. it's got to start with border security, though. and putting money in place to build the wall. he complained on this, and he won the presidency with this being a front and center issue. let's go and secure our border just by the talk of president trump saying that we're going to is it secure the border and
5:28 am
enforce our laws, you're seeing a dramatic drop in illegal border crossings. but there's more that needs to be done. as it to that daca, look, we need to end chain migration and this lottery system that we've seen time and time again is a failed and flawed system. let's get back to the things that work. we let a million people into our country legally every year. the most generous nation in the world. let's strengthen that legal system and border security in place, and i think you could see an agreement that can be reached. steve: well, you have a lot on your place. good luck to you. steve scalise joining us today from new orleans. sir, thank you so much and happy new year. >> happy new year. great to be with you all. ainsley: did you go to the game last night? >> i watched the game but, boy, new orleans was hopping. and the saints are on the path to win the super bowl. we have to take care of carolina in superdome this tuesday. steve: one step at a time. a brand-new black eye for the veteran affairs
5:29 am
administration. the hospital allegedly turning american heroes away to score better ratings. we're going to tell you about that. ainsley: and 2018 will be all about the power in washington. newt gingrich live with a bold prediction. here's a hint. it's good news for the gop and bad news for the trump-hating media. ♪ with expedia, you can book a flight, then add a hotel, and save. ♪ everything you need to go. expedia
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5:32 am
♪ star-spangled banner yet wave. ♪ for the land of the free. ♪ and the home of the brave. brian: what a great celebration and a tribute to america before the rose bowl, yesterday. the semi finals of the division i college playoffs, which was a sensational double overtime win for georgia. ainsley: a great game. there were so many good games on yesterday. the u.s. course singing with the flyover of the stealth bomber.
5:33 am
that game started beautifully and also ended double overtime. steve: people got their money's worth. brian: they say it was one of the greatest games ever. ainsley: georgia ended up winning so georgia will play next monday for the national championship. brian: who upset clemency. all right. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. a guy who focused on sports but focused on the sport of politics. he's the author of vengeance, speaker gingrich, welcome back. ainsley: good morning. >> good to be with you guys. and, by the way, last night was -- i just want to say. last night was about as good of a way to enter the new year as you can get. at least if you're a georgia pan. brian: and the patriotic display before is a stark contrast of what we've been seeing in other football games. i was really surprised. we do not get word out about iranian population and the mood. we know they're young. we know they're highly educated. but, man, we are seeing their frustration bubble over,
5:34 am
aren't we? >> we are, and i think president trump is exactly right to be pushing hard, to be publicly condemning the dictatorship. i think you're seeing the dictatorship once again this will be the fourth time now being delegitimatized. to trying to establish their control of the country. and i think once again you're seeing people in iran say, look, this is not a good deal. this is not a good standard of living. you're taking all of this money obama gave you, and you're spending it on hezbollah and on hamas and on making trouble around the region. we want you to spend it here at home. and this is a very important moment to really push the dictatorship and to decide publicly with the iranian people. ainsley: well, our president is now saying this morning sanctions if you don't allow them to continue to protest. what happens next? what will -- what will they take down this dictatorship? what do you foresee in 2018 or
5:35 am
the next few months? >> well, i say it depends on the nerve of the dictatorship. if you have a strong dictatorship, and you're willing to kill enough people. we're seeing this happen in venezuela right now where there's a terrible, unbelievable human crisis underway with a dictatorship which is willing to have children die of malnutrition and willing to kill and do whatever it takes to survive. so if the guard still has the nerve, they can go a long way. on the other hand if the europeans who are very squeamish about this, the europeans are confused because they would like to cut a deal and do business with the iranians, but they really do hate this kind of suppression, and i think if they would have joined with us, for example, in saying that anybody who is involved in killing the demonstrators could be subject to international law as a criminal, as a war criminal, which we've done, for example,
5:36 am
in the balkans. i think that that would begin to rattle the system and i know in the fall of soviet empire ronald reagan speaking out made a really big difference psychologically. i think if the europeans would join president trump in speaking out, they might have a surprisingly big impact on the resolve of the american people and on undermining the resolve of the iranian revolutionary guard. brian: and had barack obama spoken out in 2009 the last time stuff like this happened, we might not be where we are today. newt, i have a question for you because you're so good at reading the political landscape. i'm sure you watch other channels. you watch this channel. you know that there have been a lot of pundits and political observers who say for the most part this is the year the election in november of 2018 the democrats are really going to make hay. but you say that if the stars align correctly, this could actually be a great year for republicans. could you explain that?
5:37 am
>> sure. look, i'm writing a new book called trump's america. and the whole opening of the book is all of these folks who have been wrong, you know? they were wrong in 2015. they said trump would never be a credible candidate. they were wrong in 2016. they said he couldn't get the nomination. he couldn't beat hillary. they've been wrong for all of 2017. you go back and look at new york times columnist who said when trump gets sworn in, the stock market is going to crash. well, the stock market boomed. none of these guys learned anything. so you're in a situation right now -- the best example of me was "cbs 2 news" which ran a story about three very different people. all of woman get tax cuts. now, all of a sudden another story about medical doctors every kind of medical doctor gets a tax cut. all of a sudden these left wing lies that you see on the networks and the washington post and new york times faced with reality people are going
5:38 am
to get tax cuts. probably 85 or 90% of the american people are going to get a tax cut. you're seeing pay go up, jobs increased, you're seeing a sense of confidence. if the republicans can get their act together. now, the biggest problem here is the republicans not the democrats. if the republicans led by the president can focus in on winning the argument about the tax bill, spend the whole year pounding away at the notion jobs are created by businesses, cutting taxes and can you get regulations creates jobs. and let the democrats be the party socialism, big government, and big bureaucracy. brian: most people think that the white house has to get better political operation to help out people in their own party. do you agree with that? and where do you start with that? >> well, look, i think -- i know for a fact that they're working to put together the kind of operation you need for this fall. but i would also say if you
5:39 am
look at what mcdaniel has done as the chairman of the republican national committee, she has raised so much more money than anybody thought possible. the resources to bring to bear. we're going to have a pretty good political team this year. the question is whether they can agree on a strategy. and what i'm advocating and optimistic in my newsletters and the things i publish at i believe the underlying momentum of the country is towards the republicans and away from the democrats, despite every effort of the left-wing media. and i think you want higher taxes, you want lower taxes. as you pointed out about obama. you want weakness dealing with iran, strengthness dealing with iran. every time you get away from the questions and the noise, people i think by 65, 70% favor the republican position. brian: yeah, i just hope the president takes your advice
5:40 am
and starts working phones and gets these european leaders on our side this time for this. ainsley: thank you, mr. speaker. happy 2018. good luck writing the new book. i don't know how he has time to do that. let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. >> let's take you to baltimore for some news. because baltimore just set a new record and not a good one. had 343 murders in 2017 bringing the annual homicide rate to its highest ever not sure what that is, but anyway. reduced police presence over the death of freddie gray. the protest and the wake of the comments from former city mayor like this one. >> i've made it very clear that i work with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech. we also gave those who wish to
5:41 am
destroy to do that as well. ainsley: w >> we have an update. the va hospital is putting risk at higher ratings. doctors at the roseberg, oregon va were told to turn away patients with complicated cases. instead, the hospital admitted fewer vets to reduce the chance of bad outcomes. boosted their ratings from a one- to two-star facility in 2016. the hospital director also earned an 8,000 bonus. va investigators are looking into those claims. a judge shutting down a college student's attempt to blame a school font stopping his own violent rampage. a lawsuit against college in massachusetts thrown out after he argued the school didn't do enough to stop underaged drinking. he was sentenced to four years but already out on parole.
5:42 am
a dad performing epic dance moves to beyoncé's single ladies complete with a black leotard and tights. it's taking over the internet. [laughter] >> the dad from michigan taking on the sassy dance routine after his two daughters asked to join him for a family contest. the video has 16 million views online and in case you were wondering, the trio won the christmas lip sync battle. brian: like he rehearsed a little bit. he did have some moves there. >> he did. steve: but lip sync. the costume is what. brian: justin timberlake did that with jimmy fallon on snl. ainsley: how did he have this leotard? and was there alcohol involved? brian: janice, you know. can you make a leotard at home?
5:43 am
>> i'm not good at the sewing thing. oh, hi. who's waiving to me? hi, come come on over here. what's your name? what do you think of this cold? >> freezing. >> it's freezing; right? how cold is this? i think it's 13 in new york city. thank you for coming out, by the way, and wearing a hat. it's very important. let's take a look at the temperatures right now. look how cold it is. those are current wind chiles. it feels like minus 10 in boston, it feels like 2 in atlanta. it feels like 14 in new orleans. i know. it's crazy cold. record-breaking cold here. wind chile advisories from the gulf coast all the way up to the great lakes and the northeast and i just want to make mention we have a big winter storm that's going to take shape this week bringing the possibility for snow for northern florida and georgia and the northeast as well. so stay tuned. we'll bring you the very latest. ainsley: that's wonderful. it's so pretty. steve: thank you very much. meanwhile, our military under president trump decimating isis on their own home field. but now a new battle against
5:44 am
terror ideology begins. the man who killed osama bin laden rob o'neill as you can see reporting for duty. he's next. icaps help you fall asleep fast, like stop staring at the clock fast, like stop worrying about your boss fast, like wow, you're already asleep fast. when life keeps you up... zzzquil helps you fall asleep in as little as 20 minutes.
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get ready for centrum micro-workouts. the bottle curl. the twist n' turn. the stretch n' grab. the gummy squish. centrum micronutrients fuel your body from the inside out. grab a centrum and join in. repeat daily. steve: isis officially losing 98% of its land territory. but the united states general commanding forces against the terror regime now warning of a specific threat still looming
5:47 am
large. lieutenant general saying quote their repressive ideology continues. the conditions remain president for to return and only through international efforts can the defeat become permanent. here with reaction navy seal who killed osama bin laden, fox news contributor, and author of the great book called the operator. rob o'neill joins us live. >> good morning, steve. thanks for having me. happy new year. steve: with the new year, we're looking at the successes we've had against isis and they've been substantial. 98% of their land is going to caliphate, really. >> the caliphate is gone as it was on the map. excuse me. and they had 33,000 plus fighters at the height. they've been running at mosul and iraq. now they're back into the desert. the initial when we were looking forward at this when the ground assault inevitably would happen, big numbers of isis fighters were turning, a lot of foreign fighters turning to europe not so much
5:48 am
north america but canada and the other european places. those numbers aren't necessarily there because we've been actually killing a lot more of the fighters than is being reported because there's not as much media on the ground. but it's easy for this coalition to defeat isis face to face. it's what do we do when they're not fighting us? so how they're going to try to melt back into the desert a lot of the syrian and iraqi, they can just gather in groups and other fighters are going to try to go to places that are pretty much lawless like libya, yemen, parts of north africa. steve: meanwhile, the president tweeted out -- obviously, he's been supporting the iranian protests but also talking about, hey, pakistan over the last 15 years, we've given you $33 billion and maybe we're going to start cutting back on our aid because you haven't been helping us. >> a prime example when we were given a few options of how to get bin laden, do we do a multilateral with the pakistanis? every men and woman in the
5:49 am
said absolutely not. even the network which is the taliban-linked group that kidnaps a lot of people. they're pretty much running the fight out of pakistan. they work with the pakistani intelligence service. they're working with them. why do we give them all of this money and even these capabilities, jets, armor. why do we do that? steve: stop right there. why do we give them the money? >> well, we want to have an ally. steve: how is that working out for us? >> it doesn't work out well. and you've ever been over there, hr mcmaster, national security adviser, he's seen it over there. he knows what's going on there. we want to be allied with pakistan because they run that part of it. but if they're got an help, they're only in it for their interest. hiding bin laden itself, they're doing that so that al-qaeda wouldn't attack the government, at least not to the scale that they could. but, you know, it's very sensitive because they are a nuclear power, and they -- they're nonnato ally. steve: and they're steamed the president sent that tweet
5:50 am
about it. >> they're mad about it. but he has the upper hand. steve: he has the checkbook. >> and he has the boot that will do it. he's doing it with the iranians and will do it with the pakistanis. it's good. happy new year. steve: you know her from the classic tv show taxi. but has literally written the book on sticking to your new year's resolution. there she is. up next, she's going to join us live to show you how to make sure you don't blow your next new year's resolution. but first, let's check in with sandra smith for a preview of what happens in nine minutes on the channel. >> good morning, steve. and happy new year to you guys. well, the president's back in washington this morning laying out a very aggressive agenda for 2018. rising tensions with iran. north korea, daca, the border wall, all on his plate. how will he prioritize? we've got a big line up for you month at this morning. ambassador john bolton is here. marsha blackburne, and how about that football game over the weekend? jarod max is here to talk sports as well.
5:51 am
all coming up top of the hour
5:52 am
5:53 am
ainsley: well, you know her as a lovable on the classic sitcom. brian: that's when we first got introduced to her and she's done so much more
5:54 am
since. she even shared the screen with president trump on the first ever season of celebrity apprentice. steve: and here to reveal her unique approach to keeping new year's resolution is best-selling author and actress and entrepreneur mary lou. great to see you. >> always great to see you guys. i cohosted. ainsley: you've had this incredible appearance. >> march 17, 2006. i remember wendy was on the show. we were sitting outside. in fact, this is your new home. this is kind of cool. upgraded. ainsley: you have this photographic memory. >> well, it's not photographic. it's, like, more experiential, so you remember, like, a bunch of things at the same time. what the weather was like, what you were wearing, all of those different things. steve: they made new year's resolutions. >> and they fail by january 8th. here's what i'm saying. because i'm here actually for fit week because i'm ringing the nasdaq bell which i'll tell you about a b in a second. but here's the thing. most people bail. so what you have to do is
5:55 am
think about doing things, like, every day that are part of your life. i think that you should name this year the year of some body part. like the year of the butt, the year of the stomach, the year of the ankle. i never heard ankle before, but fine, go for it. the year of the feet. i heard somebody say they're going to wear better shoes. name a body part. men are probably stomach; right? i mean. brian: unbelievable; right? steve: year of the gut. year of the bully. >> year of the gut. that's good that you're saying that because it's not just exercise. it's also what you do to dress it, to take care of it, and if you start just looking at your new year's resolutions through that filter, then you think of it as a friend. ainsley: it's easier. >> so much easier. also, what i believe is you should come up with a lot of things that you should be doing every day and give it a point like a brushing your teeth twice and stuff like that. and then what you should do is make sure you do 18 of those a day.
5:56 am
ainsley: so, brian, -- brian: you're always thinking of the next thing. tell me about longevity. >> we're ringing the nasdaq bell because it's fit week, and it's the stock tip of the year. igiy. and it's a great company that's a full service. we get so much noise out there. they do supplements, they do spices, they do different types of food and coffee. >> to keep you young. >> to keep you young. it's a great group of people and very smart and now we're going to ring the nasdaq bell, which is the first time i've got to do this. it's actually pushing a button. brian: you're definitely an inspiration. but i want to go why we're going back into the future. why not taxes? >> i know. all of them. steve: i've got bad news.
5:57 am
it wouldn't be taxi. it would be uber. >> uber or lyft or whatever. steve: good luck ringing the bell today. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. tomorrow. i'm actually doing it tomorrow. january 3rd. and watch the series i do, it's on january the 7th on hallmark movies and mysteries. and i'm about to go to vancouver and shoot the next two. brian: toss to break. >> okay. let's go to break. more folks and friends moments away. steve: she's good. brian: you're a pro ♪ when you have a cold, stuff happens. ♪ { sneezing ] shut down cold symptoms fast [ coughing ] with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels.
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6:00 am
after the show, she will tell us what it is like working with donald trump back in the day. >> is this a backcheck question? >> he became president, do you know? >> sandra: president trump back at the white house and already dealing with a full plate as we lure into 2018 here in america's newsroom. deal with daily protest, rising tensions in north korea, and along to-do list with congress you're at home. good morning, and happy newer. i am sandra smith inside of america's newsroom. >> and i'm eric shawn. president trump has been eager for more progress before congress shifted sites to the november midterms. the president will mean the top republican lawmakers to map out their agenda next week, with iran, and those are ending the mike demanding an end to the


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